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Quick Links:

1. Configure Notify email 7. Database Search 
Please configure your email notification for ebay auction high bidders. You will need to set up your mailing address for high bidders to send payment or arrange your own payment method, like paypal...etc.
Search your auction database based on:
1. email address (partial or whole) 
2. Auction close day
3. Title/Date/Status
4. Price/Date/Status
5. Shipping Date/Payment Date New!
2. Configure Status-Update email 8. Non-Payment bidders alert
Please set up your email for events like :
1. Payment received
2. Item is shipped (with tracking number)
3. Check bounced.
4. High bidder does not contact you.
5. Issue, receive, or ship RMA.
6. Feedback is posted.
Alert all Non-Payment bidders based on:
1. Email address
2. Auction Number
3. Date/Auction Title
4. Date/Auction Closed Price
Manage your NPB in a few clicks and get your commission back from ebay. (You need to use our function 3 to collect your auction information before you can use this feature)
3. Collect your auction information 9. Request Final fee for Non-Payment bidder
Retrieve your auction information from ebay. System will set up your shipping charge for you based on your shipping charge history.
This is the most important program in our service. For example, Search, NBP Alert and FVF Request are based on the information that this function collected.
Request final fee for all alerted bidders based on:
1. Email address
2. Auction Number
3. Date/Auction Title
4. Date/Auction Closed Price
By using our NPB alert and this final fee program, you can pass ebay's 10-day negotiation rule.
4. File Manager 10. Update Your Profile
You can upload up to 10 files at a time. To delete the file you upload, please use the file manager to remove the files that are no longer needed.
1. When you change your ebay account information like: eBay ID,  password or registered email address, please update that information to EATOOLS. 
2. Change your password for EATOOLS login.
5. Define Your Own Payment Option 11. Auction Scheduler
We try to provide the most common payment option for our members, but if you need to use new payment method, just define them here.
In order to use the auction scheduler, you have to create an auction content and save it first. After creating it, you can schedule your auction listing time, review schedule, or remove schedule. Please click here
6. Extra eBay Account Management 12. Feedback Answer Machine
Forgot your other ebay account or your bidding account ? Don't let that happen again! Try this program
Do not want to give positive feedback first ? You may find that many buyers won't think twice before giving a negative feedback when they found you defenseless. In that case, you can use feedback answer machine to post positive feedbacks only to customers who already gave you a positive feedback. The program will also alert you when there is any neutral and negative feedback.New!! Define your own praises!